What have we done?

CFCD SUPPORTED PROGRAMS SERVED over 7,000 CHILDREN from FHH in Northern & Eastern provinces in Sri Lanka.
This year OUR PROGRAMS SERVED over 1000 CHILDREN from FHH upto June, 2016.

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Welcome to Center for Child Development (CFCD)

Centre For Child Development is a Non-Governmental Organization working in Jaffna since 1997 with a clear mission to endeavor to provide a secure environment and equeal eduation opportunity for each child in the community and develop them into youth with ability, good habits and knowledge.

Give them HOPE

The marked increase in women-headed households (WHHs) is arguably one of the most significant features of post-war Sri Lanka as highlighted by a study on WHHs released in August 2015 by FOKUS WOMEN.

Currently, there are 58,121 WHHs in the Northern Province alone and studies show that members of these households face profound, multi-faceted vulnerabilities, many of which were produced by the war but deepened in the post-war period.


Help us send them back to school

Although education is free in Sri Lanka, the expenses incurred in day-to-day schooling activities are considerable for poverty stricken WHHs families. Thus, they opt to discontinue the kids from the normal stream of schooling.

At present CFCD is supporting 270 children through the Education Sponsorship Program in Jaffna district.

We are seeking donation to support another 315 students.



We need volunteer to help the children with their home work from school.

  • Service minded
  • Kind Hearted
  • Passion for charity

Recent Projects

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