Cashew Cultivation

Cashew is an important cash crop that yields very good income to families after around 3 years of maintenance. However, the families involved in the growing of cashew plants should be able to manage their day to day affairs by other means until such time the crops begin to yield.

CFCD implemented a project for UNDP in 2017 titled “Resettlement in Newly Released Areas” (RNRA) which identified Nagarkovil as one target area to provide livelihood inputs to 30 resettled families. The land was provided by the state in a unique area suitable to commence the production. The project provided inputs for land clearance, fencing, procurement of cashew seedlings and construction of individual wells in addition to the continued maintenance of the plants for 6 months. A total of 1980 cashew seedlings have grown up well while the initial distribution stood at 2100 plants.

Child First-UK is a regular donor of CFCD which came in to necessary gap filling support for the very useful and profitable venture by way of absorbing the administration and other important costs. Now with the collective support of two main donors the cashew farm at Nagarkovil has come up to the level of flowering, meaning that the nuts are not very far away

Based on the successful initiative at Nagarkovil a similar effort was undertaken at Allipalai with the funding of UNDP for the current project titled “Support for Durable Resettlement” (SDR) during 2021. There are 26 beneficiary families who received similar inputs like earlier and the trees are growing slowly now making it possible to see the fruits in another 3 years.