Issue of SMART Phones

TECH Outreach Malaysia Issue of SMART Phones

Ten SMART phones (valued @ LKR 31,000) were distributed to identified vulnerable children studying in Garde 10 and above to facilitate them to follow ZOOM classes which became the order of the day with the CORONA pandemic around. The distribution took place at the office of CFCD with the presence of the Chairman and the staff members of CFCD. The names of students who received the phones are as follows:

No Name of Student Grade Location
1 V.Keerthana O/L 2021 Jaffna
2 R.Salini O/L 2021 Jaffna
3 K.Thileep O/L 2021 Oddusuddan
4 S.Sebaranjini O/L 2021 Puthukudiyiruppu
5 K.Ranjith O/L 2021 Killinochchi
6 S.Danusika O/L 2020 Jaffna
7 P.Laxsan O/L 2020 Jaffna
8 S.David O/L 2020 Jaffna
9 R.Thamilini A/L 2022 Jaffna
10 Y.Komahal A/L 2022 Killinochchi