“The simplest acts of kindness are by far more powerful than a thousand heads bowing in prayer.”
― Mahatma Gandhi

Give to Women and Children in Need.

Your donation 100% funds CFCD projects for Women and Children in need.

Sponsor an entire project

Education sponsorship

Another 315 Kids egarly waiting to get back to school. You can make all those kids educational dream come true by sponsoring the full project cost. $19 a month will send one kid back to School. The project goal is to support 315 kids over the next 5 years. More info /.

Livelihood support

Give Milk Cow worth $758.00

Show your kindness by donating a Milk Cow & calf to Woman Headed family living in poverty.
Cost $758.00
More info /.

Donate Goats worth $289.00

With 3 Goats worth $289, a Woman headed family could earn a monthly income of $200 after 4 years of Goat rearing.
More info /.

Donate Agriculture Equipments worth $299.00

A water pump and some faming eqiupments worth $299 will make a land owning Woman Headed household Self-reliance. Show your kindness to them once.
More info /.

Micro Ecconomic Assistance worth $241.00

Give small capital to estabilish a micro ecconomic venture. Your kindness to give $241 to a poverty sticken Wonam Headed Household will help a great deal in their lives.
More info /.

Other Ways to Give