Children Nutrition

When children are growing up, it’s important to have a healthy nutrition for them. Since their bodies are in a state of constant growth, a lack of vitamins and minerals can result in poor growth processes and problems later in life.

It is important for your child to eat a variety of healthy foods, balance the food they eat with regular physical activity, and choose a diet with the right nutrients.

For instance, a child’s growing body requires high levels of calcium and iron, sometimes even more than adults. Iron is crucial to a child’s development since it is used in developing strong muscles and producing blood, while calcium helps bones and teeth grow strong.

These substances can be found in various foods, but it can be more helpful to get your children a supplement to help aid these needs.

Children of schooling age require around 1600 to 2400 calories per day, depending on their age and activity level. Once the growth spurt occurs, girls tend to require an additional 200 calories per day and boys need an extra 500 calories. No more than 30% of your child’s diet should come from fats.

Healthy nutrition for children help prevent obesity and other health problems. It is also important for your child to get a daily variety of vegetables.

Requiring two to four servings of vegetables per day, children can meet these guidelines by eating such vegetables as salad greens and legumes. These vegetables contain nutrients key to a child’s development.

Project Title : Children Nutrition (Pre-School) Project.

Target group: Displaced, resettled and severely affected  children  who have lost their

parents   and children with affected parents –1000 Children

Duration of the Project: 01.01. 2011 –  31.12.2011

Contact Person: Ms T.Krishnapriya, Administrative Officer, CFCD.

Named of  Organization :  Centre for Child Development (CFCD).


Families which were severely affected during the last  war were kept in Manic Farm Camp for a long time. Now they are resettled in their own places. Suitable basic facilities and health care of the children are not very satisfactory and the nutrition of the children is very poor. Most children in the women headed families are mentally affected and they are not properly cared and guided. They need immediate intervention and referral to the counseling unit of the Hospital. Two thirds of the children are continuously affected by diseases and there is no sufficient medical care.

Objectives of the Project:

  1. Increasing the Nutrition of the affected children and developing their talents.
  2. Creating awareness among mothers and care takers through the distribution of Nutritious food items.

Target Group:

implementing this project as the first phase for 250 Children from three districts which are severely affected by war.

District Location Village 3-5 years Women headed
Mullaithivu Muthathaiyankaddu 18 Acre, Muthuvinayakapuram, Kanagaratnapuram 35, 22, 21 18, 17, 10
Jaffna Karainagar Neelankadu, Madathuvalavu, Maruthodai 27, 26, 36 08, 15, 06
Kilinochchi Barathipuram Ambalkulam, Barathipuram, Hindupuram 30, 27, 26 24, 29, 19

Distribution of Nutritious food.

1st day and 5th day
Crust Kadalai (Kadalai Thuvayal: Kadalai, coconut, sugar 200grms)

3rd day
Leaf porridge (Rice,  coconut. Vegetable oil, green gram, leafy vegetables with water 350 grms).

2nd day and 4th day
Nutrition Flour ( Black gram, rice,  green gram, maize, coconut , sugar 200 grams. – Mixed ground flour).

Discussions with mothers and Guardians about nutrition matters.

Nutritious foods items are prepared hygienically at the Pre-school  by Volunteers with the supervision of Pre-school teachers every day. These Nutritious food items are equally shared and distributed to the pre-school children every day at 10 am.

Expected Outputs:
Creating 250 healthy children and safeguarding 250 young generations.

Budget:( in LKR)

Activity Unit Cost Total Cost
01 Nutrition coordinator 12,000×12 144,000.00
02 Volunteers  (9) 2,000x9x12 216,000.00
03 Stationery 3,000×12 36,000.00
04 Telephone and Electricity 3,000×12 36,000.00
05 Distribution of Nutrition food 250x14x22x12 924,000.00
06 Utensils 2,000×9 18,000.00
07 Travel and Transport 3,000×12 36,000.00
GRAND   TOTAL 1,410,000.00