A Cultural tour for the Resettled Children

After the war people are being resettled in their own places.  52 Children from the Children groups in our seven target villages in Karainagar were taken on a cultural tour  to Thiruketheswaram on 26th  & 27th of May 2012 to participate in the” Kodi ” (Flag) hoistering festival day.

 Religious talks were arranged for these Children at  Ammaiappan Mandabam, where Vidwan , Arulmoliarasi, Vashantha Vaithyanathan deliverd a religious talk suitable for the children. Saivapulavar Sellathurai, Retired Principal of Ilawalai Meihandan Vithyalam and Coordinator of Inthumandram, also delivered religious talks.

Children have seen the Kaddukkkaraikulam in Mannar. They visited Madumatha Church  on their way back. They had a chance of meeting Vavuniya Children group members.

These 52 Children from Children groups from Kaarainagar had an opportunity of visiting important religious places and to know the value of our culture and Hindu religion.