Information Technology and Skill Development Centre (ITSDC)

The project has a goal to create a society that could overcome the challenges of information and communication technology. The objective is to support students and youth to develop knowledge and skills in ICT by setting up a resource centre. The end result should see a strengthened society with sufficient skills to face the new challenges in the developed world. The direct beneficiaries would be 4710 students, children, youth, girls and boys in addition to those who are already employed including teachers.

Important outputs that are expected of the project include the following:

The project would have the following main activities:

  1. Computer Training
  2. Language development
  3. E-Library and Distant Learning
  4. Youth / girls self-employment training and facilitation
  5. Provision of Training Hall
  6. Conduction of Library
  7. Computer services

The stakeholders of the project include:

It is proposed that the complete building of the project would become available within 18 months after commencing the project. Within the next 6 months the beneficiaries would be able to access the services planned systematically. A committee consisting of mixed professionals would be created to successfully monitor the project. They would include members from civil society and appropriate academics.


The two storied building is of size 84’ x 37’ and costs around Rs 22 m. The cost of furniture, fittings and equipment is around Rs 10 m.

Cost (Aprox): LKR 32 Million.

Supported by Child First (UK)