Donate Agriculture Equipments

A water pump with pipe lines and farming equipment (shovel, crow bar, pick-axe, buckets etc) worth $299 will make a land owning Woman Headed household Self-reliant. Show your kindness to them once.

Banana cultivation, ground nuts, green grams and black grams, cow pea, vegetables, onions and chilies are some of the vegetation that is commonly produced by farmers. Paddy cultivation is special to farmers who have sufficient land area. Lime, coconut, sugar cane and similar crops are inter-cropped while the main cultivation goes on. The end result is the sustainable growth of the trees and continued income over some years.

The vulnerable families involving in the crops cultivation would usually have vegetables available for consumption always while during the harvesting season they are able to get sufficient returns.

Thus, your valuable contribution to make the WHHs become self-reliant through cultivation is well appreciated by the beneficiaries and the growing children in the families. Small contributions make big difference in the lives of the affected and vulnerable children and women.

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