New Collaboration with WAPA

 “Economic Empowerment of Women Headed Households” project implemented by CFCD with the joint funding of Development Fund-Norway and TECH-Norway:


We are pleased to share with you good news that we have been successful at a competitive selection of an implementing partner organization in the North of Sri Lanka by War Affected People’s Association (WAPA) of Belgium last week based on the networking done by UN Coordination office. WAPA has a mandate to provide rehabilitation assistance to victims of war especially women headed households and vulnerable children including child soldiers.

At the selection process CFCD had to compete with around 16 other NGOs and came out successfully meeting the requirements of WAPA. The result is that CFCD has got a golden opportunity to work for the next 5 years for the betterment of war victims in Mullaitivu District and has already entered in to a MoU with WAPA.

The staff members who worked really hard during the past five long years and the beneficiaries who made use of the inputs efficiently to strengthen them and come up in life are the ones to share the success with us.

It is a privilege to prove our operating abilities and capacities in the North through the support of Development Fund-Norway and TECH-Norway. Thus, we are greatly indebted to both the organizations and notably to Mr. Nathan and Mr.Nagenthran who worked in close cooperation and dedicatedly with us throughout.

We judged during mid-2016 that DF-TECH Project would be a model for the war-victims and somehow or the other should be continued at least for two more years and took some initiatives regarding same and allowed the staff members to continue to work in the project area on a reduced salary structure supported by the micro credit service charges.

We strongly believe that there would be undoubted support for all justifiable causes. Hence, we look back at the achievement in our long journey as an incident that further encourages us to go forward honestly.



Executive Director.





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