The capacity development Training for Front Line officers

Front Line officers (Grama Niladharis, Samurthi Officers, and Development Officers) have been identified from Tellipalai , Kandavalai and palai DS Divisionsand trained on the following two main thematic areas: 1.Leadership and Communication Skills by Mr.S.Arivalagan , Freelance Trainer & Consultant 2.Results Based monitoring – by Dr. R. Pushpakanthan, Development Consultant •Tellipalai – 08.07.2021 13.07.2021 • Kandavalai 14.07.2021 •Palai 03.08.2021 •Palai 04.08.2021The capacity development activities are part of SDR-2 Project funded by British High Commission through UNDP for the year2021, which focuses on the sustainable resettlement of the displaced people.