Workshop for young women leaders on Gender and Gender-based activities

Conduction of a workshop for young women leaders on Gender and Gender-based activities
CFCD is implementing a one-year project for USAID-IDEA in Mullaitivu district from September 2021. The objective of the training is to enhance skills and knowledge of selected young women leaders from Mullaitivu District (5 from each DS Division) on gender and gender-based activities. They are to be exposed to the methodologies and techniques that can mobilize them to raise their concerns to take appropriate action and voice against all kinds of discrimination against women, children, youth and the families who are engaged in livelihood at risk or sensitive to eco-systems. The skills and knowledge cover topics to identify the risks and impacts to eco-systems and to explore the ways to enhance livelihood resiliency. The trainings are organized as a series of workshops.
The first workshop commenced on 22 Nov’21 at Amaithy Thenral Training Centre located at Unnaipulavu, Mullaitivu with 23 participants. The workshop facilitator is Ms. Vasugi Jayshankar, a Gender Specialist. It is a residential workshop for 3 days and there would be five more workshops in the series in the future for the same participants within the next around five months. The topics in the current session are self-awareness, gender equality, social relations and power of women activists.