Who we are

Center For Child Development (CFCD) is a registered non-government organization functioning in the North and East of Sri Lanka since 1997.

The primary mandate of the organization is to see that the lives of all children are improved with appropriate protection and facilities available for continuing uninterrupted education.

CFCD is being managed by a diverse group of 11 eminent Board members of whom 3 are women. CFCD employs 6 members on payroll and 3 volunteer members.

The main office is located in Jaffna at #254, Kandy Road, Ariyalai.

Temporary project offices are available in the Vanni for implementing projects.

Administrative Cost of CFCD per Month is $1,412.00. Please view the itemized expense list below.

Office Rent $68.00
Electricity $34.00
Telephone / Internet $27.00
Administrative Officer $170.00
Office Aid $68.00
Watcher $54.00
Field Assistants (2) $340.00
Programme Officer $340.00
Stationery $34.00
Maintenance $34.00
Travel $68.00
EPF / ETF – 5 staff members 15% $175.00
TOTAL $1,412.00 / Month